Teach Dolmain


Teach Dolmain's restaurant serves sumptuous food sourced though local suppliers.The management are conscientious in promoting local produced food which is reflected on the menu. There is a strong emphasis on quality, using 100 percent Irish beef and Feile Bia approved suppliers.

Located in Carlow Town, Teach Dolmain is a restaurant and bar called after the Browneshill Dolmen. Teach Dolmain strives continually to portray this dolmen period of Carlow's history and heritage in the pottery and artefacts on display throughout the bar and restaurant.

Teach Dolmainâs interior is decorated with old-world artefacts, comfortable seating and large tables, but it is the warm and friendly welcome that captivates guests immediately. The atmosphere is inviting, ideally suited for families during the day while at night it livens up with live music sessions.


Contact: Teach Dolmain

Phone: 059 9130911

Email: info@teachdolmain.ie


teachdolmain.ie | Tullow Street, Carlow, Carlow
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